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2015- 2016 College Advancements and Commitments

Today we will begin to announce our college commitments & advancements from the 2014-15 season.
We will add to this list as announcements are made by our players.

2014-15 Alum College Placements

T.J. Sneath - Oswego State U. (NY)   NCAA-D-III 2011-12  Alum

Drew Cleereman - Lake Forest College (IL) NCAA D-II 2013-15

Luke Meade - Lake Forest College (IL) NCAA D-II 2014-15

Austin Anderson - Gustavus-Adolphus College NCAA-D-III

Trevor Sabo - Iowa State University ACHA D-I 2012-15

Dylan Durham - Becker College (MA) NCAA D-III 2013-15

Alex Anderson - Robert Morris University (IL) ACHA D-I Alum

Justin Dungey - Northern Arizona University ACHA D-2

Brandan Alcorn - Colorado St. University ACHA D-2   

Marcus Stoulil - Winona St. University ACHA D-2  

We will continue to announce college commitments of this past season (2014-15) and advancements of our alumni throughout the off-season.

We wish these players the best of luck as they advance their hockey & academic careers onto the next level. Once and Ice Hawk, always and Ice Hawk!